Arm Teachers

I heard talk on the radio this morning about some school training teachers how to barricade their room. The castle went away at the time we developed gun powder. You want safer schools? Get rid of the guns free schools bullshit. Guess what? Psychos aren’t particularly concerned about breaking these laws. The laws do nothing but keep the victims from protecting themselves. Easy solution, no training required:

Allow any credentialed teacher, administrator, licensed psychologist working at a school who served in the military and was honorably discharged, to carry a gun. If they’re responsible for children, then they better be responsible. If they served in the military, they know how to handle a gun. Will this guarantee nothing like Colu…Black…whatever the massacre of the week won’t happen again? No.

Well, I’ll stop arguing this, and instead just link to this article at Reason which makes the same argument, but like, more professional and stuff.

June 25 update: Looks like someone is taking my advice.