Moderate Libertarianism

Libertarians like to point to polls that suggest “a lot of Americans are libertarians”, based on surveys like the Advocates' WSPQ. Then they sit around wondering why no one votes for Libertarians. “Surely,” they say, “it must be because people are not aware of what we stand for.”

Let’s imagine a situation where everyone forgot what the traditional parties are about, and had to consider all the candidates based solely on their positions. So the Libertarians, of course, nominate some pure thinking radical with the campaign slogan “How dare you suggest we tax prostitution and drugs after we legalize them. Taxes are immoral.” The Republicans find a good bible thumping reactionary with the idea to deport any “known homosexuals”, cut capital gains tax, and bring back slavery. The Democrats campaign on a “100% income tax over $65,000, free abortions for all” platform.

That’s how it goes right?

I think you see my point. I’m not going to vote for a wacko. I’m not going to vote for anyone whose claim to fame is being a heavy pot smoker, or dying his skin blue, or demonstrating a poor understanding of fractional reserve banking.

Will I be voting for a libertarian next November? Probably not. I hate all of the Dems running for President and Feinstein too, so I’ll vote for Republicans in those races. My congressman, a democrat, fled the holocaust and went on to get a Ph.D. in economics. I doubt I agree with him, but I think he’s at least qualified for the job.

Guess what, party faithful? The people afraid of government mind control rays won’t vote anyway, because that would mean leaving their mountain cabin, or, heaven forbid, consenting to a government monopoly by mailing in an absentee ballot. This isn’t 18th century Boston. The revolution is over. Time to learn how politics work and get with the program.

Oh, yeah, vote for me in … 2010 or so. Peterson, Libertarian for Whatever, cause I’ve got the balls to support school vouchers even though they are not ideologically perfect.