And you, sir, win the "dumb even by internet standards" award

In this post titled Crucify Me, “Patrick” writes,

"Why?" The question becomes predictable, almost routine when someone enters my car. They immediately seem to notice the polished steel hook hanging from my rearview mirror, and inevitably want an explanation. Each time I hear that annoying three letter word, I'm almost compelled to launch into some sort of horribly graphic and disturbing explanation. One that might circulate and prevent any future inquiry as to why I choose to do so.

So let me see if I got this straight. You don’t like being asked about why you have a hook hanging from your rear view mirror, but you still have it hanging there. What? Did the annoying question gremlins sneak into your garage and superglue it in place? Make a deal with the devil that you will forever bring up a topic that you don’t like talking about?

Forgive me if I find it a bit of a stretch. But it gets a little hard to buy the “it’s such a deep personal experience I couldn’t possible describe it” when it seems you go out of your way to bring it up. Guess what, kid? People who really have things they don’t want to talk about don’t go around wearing a t-shirt saying, “Please ask me about my trendy hobbies so I can act nonchalant and downplay them.”