Bad Experience at Mangiare Restaurant in Brisbane, CA

I’m guessing that either this place recently changed ownership, or just that the completely incompetent work the weekend shift. Mangiare was completely empty this Saturday morning, and it’s no surprise since the service is the worst I have ever received. There were eight of us. The first person to receive his food was about 20 minutes after we ordered (at the register). The last person received her food about a half hour after that. They got two orders completely wrong – Jenny had to send hers back. Samantha got the wrong order, and when she pointed this out to the cashier he had the audacity to argue with her about what she had ordered. She decided to take it and eat it anyway, since she was hungry and at this point everyone else had already finished their breakfast.

No one got the right kind of toast. Apparently they were out of everything but rye and onion bagels so decided to replace sourdough with a random selection of either.

My food was okay. The potatoes were slightly undercooked and the butter was a little foil packet still at refrigerator temperature, but it was okay.

Is service normally this shitty? Or is the abysmal service just a clever strategy to make money off the $.50 they change for coffee refills while you are waiting for your food?

In good news, I can still run 3 miles in just over 21 minutes, and Samantha came in under 27. This was supposedly a 5k, but I think they just rounded down based on a few GPS readings I saw.