Metro Silicon Valley Marathon 2007 - 4:00:25

Kevin at half way point of Silicon Valley Marathon

So close – one second per mile and I would have been sub-4:00. It’s close enough that I’m satisfied for now though. I don’t plan on running another marathon for quite a while.

I did my training better this time around. I was following something similar to the FIRST Training Program, but I wasn’t as strict about the pace of my workouts. I did MWF bicycle, TThS run, with Tuesday being intervals (1/2 mile with 2 minute rest), Thursday temp (6-8 miles at about 8:15 pace), and Saturday long run (with 3 20-milers, 7 weeks, 5 weeks, and 3 weeks before the marathon). I was a little rushed, because I jumped into training right after recovering from San Francisco, so I think I can do better if I do another full proper training cycle, starting from a good base without any injuries or recent overtraining.

Samantha did her first marathon in 5:32. Ted took first in his age group at 3:15. Frances took second in her age group for the half at 1:57. Annie finished her first half marathon at 2:17.