Peterson for Congress 2008

I’m running for office because I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off at police that kick down doors using military tactics with no concern for the constitution, under the reasoning that accidentally shooting a few innocent bystanders is a small price to pay to make sure AIDS patients can’t smoke marijuana. I’m pissed off at having 15% of my earnings go to fund a retirement plan which will most likely go bankrupt. I’m pissed off at “terrorism alerts” which accomplish nothing but to keep the populace in a perpetual state of fear, and at airport security which detains children for having a similar name to someone on a secret “no fly” list. I’m pissed off because FEMA is declaring places like Foster City a flood zone so that they can force home owners to buy flood insurance to pay for the poorly managed fiasco in New Orleans.

I’m pissed off that political debate in this country is entirely about whether the Washington should force everyone to do something, or ban them from doing it, and it seems to never pass through anyone’s mind that maybe, just maybe, an individual can make his or her own decisions.

I support freedom and individual choice. I support copyright reform which expands fair use rights and oppose retroactive extensions of copyright. I support ending the failed war on drugs. I support full equal rights for gays. I oppose costly government bailouts of private corporations. I support the right of all law abiding citizens to own a gun. Most of all, I support you. I support letting you make the choices that affect your life, and leave government to deal only with those cases where it’s necessary.

Visit Peterson for Congress 2008 and help turn back the tide. If you are a registered libertarian in the 12th Congressional District, I need your signature to get on the ballot. Email me if you have not received a form in the mail already.