Who are these "social media experts"?

I'm following twitter closely tonight to see how the American Idol prediction got picked up. And what I don't understand is who are all these people who are retweeting it? They don't seem like real accounts. Or at least, not accounts that anyone who actually read twitter would be interested in following. If you search twitter for Biz360 Analysis of Social Media you see hundreds of tweets, all identical. What's even more interesting is if you click through to the people sending these out. I've clicked into about 10, and without exception, they follow this pattern:

Let's take a look at @SocialMediaWonk and his tweets. As of right now, he is following almost 7000 people. He has over 6000 followers.  His first page of tweets starts this morning, so he's sending out over 20 per day. Every single one of his last 20 updates was posting a link similar to ours. No original content, no commentary.

So even though if someone does a search for "biz360" it looks like we're all twitter is talking about, when I do a search for american idol, I need to go to page 7 before I find a mention of us. Now with seo gaming, I understand the motivation. What are these people trying to accomplish?