On the Bailout

I oppose the bailout. You can read our joint statement and also my talking points for libertarians.

About Kevin

I am a California native who graduated from UC Berkeley and served four years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. I stand for freedom and personal choice. I think that you, not the government, should decide how to save for retirement. You, not the government, should decide who your doctor should be. You, not the government, should decide what movies are appropriate for your children. I support ending the failed war on drugs. I support gun rights and gay rights. I want intellectual property reform that benefits consumers and fosters innovation. I want to return power to individuals and to the states and local government. I want to return to a day when "government" meant going down to city hall. You may not completely agree with the libertarian vision of minimal government. You might think I go too far. I'm asking for your vote anyway. If you think the government is too big, too intrusive, the only choice is to vote libertarian. Next election, if I cut spending by too much, if I gave you back too much freedom, if there aren't enough bureaucrats getting in your way, and if there aren't enough surcharges on your phone bill, then I doubt you will have any difficulty finding someone from another party to replace me in two years. We cannot quickly roll back the clock and return the government to its ideal size, but every day, we can reduce it by a little, or allow it to grow unchecked.